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Heirloom Natural Cotton Batting With Scrim

Heirloom Natural used the cleanest unbleached cotton we can find, then it is needle punched with a thin polypropylene scrim to extend the quilt distance up to 8-10". It is intended primarily for hand quilters and will shrink approximately 3-5%.

Hobbs Heirloom Tuscany Bleached Cotton Batting

Both these cottons start with fine bleached cotton that is needle punched to extend the quilt distance up to 4" apart. The batting can be quilted by hand or machine and will shrink 3-5% like all 100% cotton battings.

Hobbs Heirloom Natural and Tuscany Unbleached Cotton Batting

The cotton used in these battings are the finest and cleanest unbleached cotton and both are then needle punched to extend the quilt distance up to 4" apart. The battings are great for hand or machine quilting and will shrink 3-5% like all 100% cotton battings. Both can be gently preshrunk if shrinkage is not desired in the finished quilt.

Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Premium-Cotton Blend Batting

Heirloom cotton batting was created to meet the needs of quilters who wanted something different. It is the only cotton batting on the market that is lightly needle punched and lightly resin bonded which gives it a unique higher loft for cotton batting without a heavy batting. It can be easily preshrunk if desired, and hand or machine quilts up to 4" apart. In machine quilting it does not punch through the needle holes as much as 100% cotton battings do. It is 80% cotton and 20% polyester and shrinks about 3%, which is on the low side for cotton battings.

Heirloom Heirloom 80/20 Black Cotton Batting

For dark colored quilts only, Heirloom 80/20 black batting is made the same as Heirloom 80/20 Premium cotton, only we substitute black cotton and black polyester in place of the unbleached cotton. Quilters should find shrinkage and quilt distance to be about the same as Heirloom premium.

Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Bleached Cotton Batting

For white or light colored quilts. Heirloom 80?20 bleached cotton battings are made the same as Heirloom Premium, only we substitute bleached cotton for the unbleached cotton used in Heirloom Premium. Quilters should find it quilts and shrinks about the same as Heirloom Premium and can be quilted up to 4" apart.

Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Fusible Cotton Batting

Iron on batting which is fusible on both sides. Heirloom fusible cotton blend is made the same as Heirloom Premium only we add a fusible chemical to the resin that makes it fuse to fabrics when ironed. You may iron both top and bottom at the same time and should you get a wrinkle you can peel it loose and iron again to reattach. When washed the iron on chemical washes out. All other information is the same as Heirloom Premium.

Hobbs Heirloom Tuscany Washable Wool Batting

Hand quilters think they died and went to heaven when they are introduced to Heirloom/Tuscany Wool batting. So do those that sleep under the quilt using Heirloom/Tuscany Wool. Quilters tell us that they could not make the quilts that look like cotton, but have great "trupunto" look where not quilted closely. Heirloom/Tuscany wool is made of the finest 100% washable wool that we can find and does not shrink. It can be quilted up to 4" apart by hand or machine.

Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batting

Tuscany silk batting blends the finest silk and polyester together using 90% silk and 10% fine denier polyester to create the best silk batting in the country, if not the world. Unlike many silk battings it is washable and can be quilted up to 4" apart. It can be gently preshrunk if shrinkage in the finished product is not desirable. It will shrink up to 5% depending on how it is washed and is magnificent to quilt by hand or machine.

Hobbs Thermore Batting

Ultra thin, non-bearding polyester quilt batting which is patented and the only batting like it in the world. Thermore was developed as a thin, drapable, migration free polyester batting and is considered the PREMIUM batting for clothing, miniatures, and any other project where a thin, nonbearding batting is desired. Thermore can be quilted up to 6-8" apart and is wonderful for hand or machine quilting.

Hobbs Polydown Batting

This resin bonded, fine denier siliconized polyester makes a very soft and drapable batting that is wonderful to hand or machine quilt. Polydown is easier to quilt and more washable than competitive products, thus eliciting comments from quilters like "Polydown is like quilting through butter". It is the only batting other than Tuscany that uses the small denier, siliconized fibers and resin bonds that batting to extend the quilt distance and resist bearding. Quilters can quilt up to 6" apart and should find that it does not shrink.

Hobbs Tuscany Polyester Batting

Along with Polydown, Tuscany is in a class of it's own in polyester batting. It too uses very small denier, siliconized polyester that is then resin bonded to make the batting resist bearding. It is extremely drapable and a dream to work with for a polyester batting. It hand and machine quilts magnificently and can be quilted up to 6" apart.